Compassionate Home Care Assistance Co.

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Board of Directors

Compassionate Home Care Assistance Co. is an in-home care service provider for the ethnic elderly and disabled persons. Our organization is formed to provide valuable and much needed services to the growing elderly population of Chicago land. Our research shows many of these individuals that desperately seek assistance with personal care and everyday errands often go overlooked and are left un-served. Being so accustomed to their cultural settings, they also want to remain in a familiar surrounding at home. With this population growing and high-priced senior nursing facilities as alternatives, their options become very limited. In-home care service is a solution and a preferred way to meet our targeted population’s growing needs.


Compassionate Home Care Assistance Co. is based in Lake County and is established in a quality and accessible space on Washington Street in Waukegan, Illinois. Our office is strategically placed within accessibility of our targeted population and is easy to get to from most surrounding areas. Our future goal is to expand into newer areas such as further out suburbs of Chicago and other areas where these in-home care needs are not adequately met.


The organization is operated with the help of its founders and management team, Ali Shirazi, a medical and accounting background and approximately over 5 years of CCP in-home care management experience and other experienced (5 years +) caregiver. Ivelina Dimova, a professional Licensed Banker, will also assist the agency with client outreach and company financials.