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Meals Preparation- We will offer to prepare three (3) nutritionally balanced meals per day when such assistance is requested. Meals shall be served in the breakfast area or in the dining room. One such meal shall be served in the morning, one at midday, and one in the evening for the Client. If, in the opinion of a licensed physician, Client’s health makes his or her attendance at meals in the dining area inadvisable because of a minor illness, said meals shall be served in the Client’s bedroom.  

We will offer to grocery shop for Client with nutritious meals in mind. Following the preparation of meals, the Caregiver shall assist with feeding if necessary and clean the kitchen, which includes washing dishes.

CLEANING – We offer to provide cleaning services on a weekly basis as follows:

General cleaning
Make bed
Wash laundry/ change linens
Wash dishes
Empty all waste containers
Sweep and dust-mop all non-carpeted floors, stairs and hallways
Vacuum all carpets and rugs, and spot clean as needed
Scrub floor
Dust all furniture
Scrub and disinfect all bathrooms
Remove finger marks from both sides of all entrance doors and from all interior doors, walls, woodwork, and partitions
Replace all restroom supplies in respective containers
Dust all light fixtures
Maintain Client’s bedroom in a neat and orderly condition
Clean basement and garage
Perform periodic heavy cleaning such as window washing and wall washing.

OUTDOOR MAINTENANCE – We offer to provide the following outdoor services:

1. Lawn care
2. Landscaping maintenance
3. Snow removal from walks and driveway
4. Garden or flower maintenance

HOUSEKEEPING – We offer to make available to Client all supplies reasonably necessary for Client to perform the usual light housekeeping in order to maintain his or her accommodation. We offer to perform all ordinary and heavy housekeeping as set forth in detail above.

ASSISTANCE OUTSIDE THE HOME – We offer to run daily errands for the Client. These may include, but are not limited to, picking up dry cleaning and laundry, grocery shopping, shopping for necessities (e.g., shampoo), and maintaining Client’s car (e.g., oil change).

PERSONAL CARE NEEDS – We offer to observe Client’s physical and mental condition on a regular basis, and shall make arrangements as necessary to meet Client’s health needs by arranging transportation to the physician of the Client’s choice. We offer to provide assistance to Client in carrying out the instructions of physicians, including storing, distributing and reminding Client to take prescribed medications.

We also offer to provide Client with personal assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, hair care, shaving, eating, care of clothing, personal shopping, and incidental services. Additionally, we offer to provide any spiritual, physical, social, or companionship needs of Client.

TRANSPORTATION – We offer to assist Client with transportation needs. We offer to arrange for public transportation, or help with specially provided elderly transportation (e.g., vans for the elderly which provide door-to-door transportation).

COMPANIONSHIP AND ENTERTAINMENT – We offer to provide companionship and support for Client. For example, we offer to accompany Client on walks or to an exercise center, read to, play games with or converse with Client.



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